Kabompo River Lodge and Campsite is located  on the banks of the Kabompo River adjacent to West Lunga National Park, in Mufumbwe district of North Western province.
It is 286 kilometres from Solwezi town the provincial headquarter of North Western Province and 41 kilometres from Mufumbwe township.

Drive 245 kilometres from Solwezi town straight along the main tarred M8 Solwezi – Mufumbwe road until you reach Mufumbwe Township no turning. From Mufumbwe Township you drive approximately 27 kilometres along the main tarred M8 Mufumbwe – Kabompo road straight until you reach Matushi Primary School where you turn right to drive 14 kilometres on a gravel road to the lodge. Along the 14 kilometres gravel road are small posters to direct people to the lodge.

At Matushi Primary School is mounted a big poster written KITEBE SAFARIS LTD. KABOMPO RIVER LODGE & CAMPSITE. FISHING & GAME VIEWING. On top 14 KMS.


GPS  Coordinates:
Entrance from the Road (tar M8)   S 13°12.135′   E024°46.461′
these are the coordinates at the road junction at Matushi primary school.

Kabompo-River-Lodge coordinates   S 13°07.067′   E024°44.269′ 


If you are driving from Kabompo Township you drive 89 kilometres along the tarred M8 Kabompo Mufumbwe road to reach the turn off at Matushi primary School, in Mufumbwe district which is approximately 27 Kms from Mufumbwe Township where you turn left to the lodge.

Ensure that you buy enough fuel stocks from Solwezi Town before you leave the town or from any town that you are travelling from or from any town that is convenient to you, as the only place to buy fuel stocks near Kabompo River Lodge is Mufumbwe Township where fuel availability is not guaranteed.





The big sign at the Matushi Primary school, lodge turnoff.