West Lunga National Park – Conservation Programme

West Lunga National Park and its Rivers (Kabompo River and West Lunga River) are at risk from poaching and overfishing. Thousands of people depend on these natural resources for their survival either by poaching or fishing.

Kitebe Safaris is actively involved in the protection of these resources by fighting these bad devices of poaching and overfishing which include the use of bad fishing methods (such as poisoning) for the future use by the thousands of people who are dependent on these resources.

Kitebe Safaris is behind conservation in West Lunga National Park and Its Rivers. Over time Kitebe Safaris has come to understand that to preserve these natural resources that are West Lunga National Park and its rivers, a wider and more comprehensive approach is needed.

The idea of forming a fully inclusive conservation programme has been growing for some time and become a reality.

The West Lunga Conservation Programme (WLCP) aims to promote and preserve the biodiversity of West Lunga National park and its rivers for the sustainable benefit of its inhabitants through partnership with the community and the Government.

It is believed that West Lunga Conservation programme will provide a bridge between the immediate needs of the human communities and the protection that is urgently required to ensure the recovery of wildlife and fish populations to their optimum carrying capacities at which they will be usable in a sustainable manner for the benefit of the local people and everyone else.

For this dream to become a reality we need help in preserving this Natural Wonders under threat, hence, if you have any interest in conservation, community development or fisheries management there are opportunities for volunteers and partnerships to achieve this conservation goal.
But most of all there is need for financial help to get West Lunga Conservation Programme off the ground and begin work before the destruction of these natural resources.

Natural Resources belong to the local people who are the primary custodians; consequently, encouraging them to use these resources in a sustainable manner is key to their preservation.
Subsequently, sustainable tourism and protecting these areas for fish and wildlife to safely breed has wide ranging benefits.

The Community Resource Boards formed in the Community in partnership with ZAWA and the Fishing Conservation Committees to be formed in the community with the Fisheries department guidance are both grassroots organisations that will promote conservation in partnership with West Lunga Conservation Programme (WLCP).

Hence, in conjunction with Kitebe Safaris Limited it has been agreed that from 2015 all tourists visiting Kabompo River Lodge and Campsite would contribute K10.00 per person per day to the West Lunga Conservation Programme for fishing on the Kabompo and West Lunga rivers and entering the West Lunga National Park.

These funds will be administered by the West Lunga Conservation Programme (WLCP) The funds will be used to procure conservation facilities which will include support to Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) and the Government Department of Fisheries staff for their conservation operations in the area.



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